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TROLLEY Wheel, stationary

TROLLEY Wheel, stationary

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Fixed Wheel Caster. This fixed wheel caster is a direct replacement. The caster has a 1/2" x 3/4” L stem for the Crate base and 1/2” x 1 1/2” L stem fits into the holes on the bottom rail of the trolley. The retaining nut should be tightened firmly with a 3/4" wrench, assembly instructions are included and are available online. The casters are not interchangeable between trolleys and crates.

A set of 2 ONLY Best in Show trolley swivel brake casters consist of two six inch lockable, swivel castors with toe brake. These wheels have the convenient tow brake that is smooth and easy to apply. Trolley owners give these toe brake casters high marks regarding their ease of use and storing of trolley.

The wheel assembly has an 1/2 inch stem that fits into holes on the base of the trolley. All trolleys require that the wheels be put onto the trolley after it is received. Assembly instructions are included with trolley order. Assembly requires a 3/4 inch wrench and takes just minutes to complete.

The Best in Show Trolley casters are designed for a low speed application. The casters feature Foam Filled wheels that have NO air in the tires, thus eliminating the possibility of the wheels emerging flat. Our Foam Filled wheels do not have resilience. They provide traction and a wide footprint which enables them to roll on grass, dirt, sand, mud, snow and gravel. Foam Filled wheels have a higher initial cost than airfield pneumatic wheels. However, overtime, they may prove to cost less because they last longer and avoid down time due to the loss air, The BIS Trolleys are designed to move easily with Foam Filled Wheels because they require less effort to move than pneumatic wheels theater under inflated.
Please note that Foam Filled Wheels may wobble due to the uneven weight distribution of pets or items in the trolley OR due to a light weight load OR due to the floor or ground surface. WOBBLING WHEELS ARE NOT DEFECTIVE.
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