Best In Show Crates

Like is our trolleys, Best in Show Crates area indispensable part of dow show equipment to exhibitors worldwide. BIS Crates provide security in transport to the show, ringside and around the ring. Our crates can be used alone or stacked for convenience. All crates come standard with grooming mat on top, convenient carry handles, lockable door handles and extra security latch for pad lock or cable tie. These stacking crates attach securely together with inter linking locks at the corners and slide overlocking clips on the side. Roll your stacked set of BIS Crates directly to the ringside and/or to the grooming area.
The Best in Show crates are available in the same exciting Best in Show Trolley colors, Sparkles and Shimmers! Please ask about custom sizes and colors to meet your application needs.
The convenient Wheel Base Assembly includes the slide overlocking clips, 6" foam filled no flat wheels, 2 of which are lockable. Crate Covers, the wheel base assembly and Grooming Arn are available for all crates sizes.
Best In Show Crates are proudly made in Reidsville, NC.