Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

"Thank you very much! I have received my trolley. It is AMAZING, FANTASTIC AND BEAUTIFUL. Thanks, you are very very professional. I love it!"
Amandine - UK

"FedEx delivered my trolley...Just Beautiful! Love the Purple color....It was packed securely, and easy to put together. My Grand Champion Silky Terrier just looks gorgeous in it...I am very pleased with this product...Thank you, and Why yes I did talk it up at our Silky Terrier Specialty. Thank you again."
Mrs. Maureen White

"I used my trolley - it was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! Best invested money in a
long while." - Janne

"I have given my dogs 4 baths so far and they havell been fantastic! I remember the hydrobath from My Three Dogs. I love mine!" - Chrissy

"I can't thank you enough. I got my trolley and I love it. It is perfect in every way. Thank you." - Victoria Wilt, Heartbeats Bostons

"My trolley rack for my car arrived and it is perfect. I have already used it with the trolley and my crates. It works perfect (even room for a x-pen)! - Stephanie Chilton

"Just to let you know my trolley arrived today. Well impressed and over the moon with it. My friends will be very jealous." - Taylor

"Trolley is sooooooooooooo nice! When I go to dogshow, many people said "very nice". I think you will have sales from the Japanese" - Yumiko, Japen

"I have to tell you how much I love my 4-erth trolley. I don't know how I managed` all this years without it." - Anne Jahelka, Belleterre Brussls Griffons

"I am so happy. The trolley is fantastic, so nice. My dogs love the trolley. The color is perfect. I am proud of this trolley!" - Nicole

"Super! I always use my trolley for my Chihuahuas. I really like it and it is still like new. Very good quality!" - Nathalie

"I absolutely LOVE my trolleys! I have had four, yes four. I keep finding new needs for it and I cannot resist the new colors! Especially the sparkles. My Brussels Griffons are now true Rockstars in their beautiful 4-Berth Rockstar trolley!" -
Beverley Strange,

"I never realized how much I need the 2-Berth Extra Long Trolley for my Kerry Blue Terriers. It is amazing and makes dog shows so much easier and lots more fun! It saves so much time that I now have more one-on-one time with my dogs." - Tuesday Hanna

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" Terresia was great help ordering my trolley!"
- "Excellent in every way"

- "love these trollies. I have a 4-berth and now will have also have a 2-berth...."

- Wonderful service and equally wonderful products. -Teri Murphy

- "Really great products! With personal service."

- Terresia is friendly, knowledgeable and justifiably proud of her products. That they are made in America is the Icing on the cake."