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Licker Water Bottle, includes spacer LWB

Licker Water Bottle, includes spacer LWB

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These trolley water bottle lickers are a great alternative to any water bowl. Eliminate spilled water and wet ears for long coated breeds. Our lickers included a spacer that fits your BIS trolley. Spacers keep bottle tight and secure on your trolley. The lickers now come with clear 300 ml (10 oz) bottle.

Our water bottles have a metal seeping tube that has one or two metal ball bearings inside the tube that enable the bottle to hold water by forming a vacuum.

The metal ball keeps a drop of water between the ball and the open end of the seeping pipe. When the movement of the ball disrupts the vacuum (due to leaking or nudging of the dog), the seal breaks and water falls.

When the pet stops licking, the metal ball falls back to its original place so the vacuum reforms. This causes a drop of water to form on the end again which is crucial for the seal to remain in place. Springs are not required in these licker bottles.

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