Intely Hardside Suitcase Trolley

Suitcase Trolley - Intely Hardside Suitcase


The Suitcase itself is NOT warranted by Hydrogroom/Bestinshowtrolleys as we do not make the Suitcase. Please be advised that any damage to the Suitcase in UPS/FedEx shipping or by any airline company is the responsibility of that company.

The Suitcase Includes:

*TSA-approved digital scale to display total weight of your bag

*Built-in 3 digit TSA approved combination lock

*Suitcase with dual multi-directional 360° wheels
*Ergonomic Gel Handles

Trolley and accessories include:

*Mini Double Decker BIS Trolley with Removable Handles (you choose the Trolley Color - Accessories will be in a coordinating color)
*Color Coordinating Skirt
*Matching Organizer
*Matching Premium Grooming Mat
*1/2' Grooming Arm & Clamp
*Grooming Arm Knob
*.Special Bag that holds set of 4 wheels and then Wrench