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Best In Show Trolleys

Organizer Trolley/Crate ORG

Organizer Trolley/Crate ORG

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A much requested accessory is now available! The organizer snaps on the Best in Show trolley end opposite of the handles. The organizer features six open pockets for quick and visible access to your grooming tools and one pocket which snaps closed for safety. The organizer is designed to fit all Best in Show trolleys however, it features a convenient back pocket for storage of the mid-floor for the Double Decker trolley and the Mini Double Decker trolley. It is made of the same Sunbrella material as the Best in Show trolley skirts and is available in all Sunbrella colors listed except for MESH. Organizers are made to order.

The organizer is Perfect for 2/4/Single Trolley, Double Decker, Mini Double Decker and Mini 4-Berth. One size fits all trolleys.

19 1/2” W x 23”L

XLXW Organizer is a Special order for an XLXW 4-Berth. It features one extra row of pockets horizontally and vertically.

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