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Best In Show Trolleys

TROLLEY Skirt 4 Berth XTall

TROLLEY Skirt 4 Berth XTall

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The Trolley Skirt is designed for each model of the Best in Show Trolleys. The skirt covers 3 sides of the trolley. The front, or door side of the trolley is left open for easy access and to insure that an air flow is always available. The skirt is secured with SNAPS around the top and down the sides.

Hydro Groom chose the all-weather Sunbrella Fabric to construct the trolley skirts because for more than 45 years, Sunbrella has been the renowned leader in performance fabrics and crafted all-weather fabrics for cushions, throw pillows, and umbrella canopies for your patio, pool furniture, outdoor use and now for your Best in Show Trolley. Available in luxurious textures and rich jacquard patterns, Sunbrella fabrics add a touch of color and comfort to your Best in Show Trolley.
The Sunbrella fabric has an Ultimate UV Protection that provides up to 98% UV protection from harmful effects of the sun. A proven sun-block leader, Sunbrella fabric has received the "Seal of Recommendation" by The Skin Cancer Foundation - an international organization dedicated to the prevention of skin cancer for people and pets.

The protective nature of Sunbrella fabric is an innate product feature, and will not be reduced by usage and/or fabric exposure to the sun.
The Sunbrella fabric has Continuously Vibrant Colors. Competitors simply dye the surface of the yarns, which only penetrates the outer shell of the material, resulting in fading with time and washings. Sunbrella's superior UV-resistant color pigments are added during production, creating incredible, non-fading color that withstands intense sunlight, heat exposure, and numerous cleanings.
You can count on worry-free, stain- and fade-resistant Sunbrella fabric to keep its good looks season after season, regardless of harsh weather.
There's no need to sacrifice comfort for ruggedness. Sunbrella's fabrics are as soft and inviting as they are durable. Woven of high-performance fibers, they'll retain the softness of spun cotton for years.

only colors listed are available. Due to COVID Sunbrella has limited manufacturing and are discontinuing some colors.

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